People had been asking us, “why rebrand?” Or they say, “it looked fine.”

The truth is (and this was especially true in our case) that rebranding is a natural part of growth. It signifies forward moving. Staleness in a brand is often recognized by our audience but rarely mentioned.

With that said, we are excited to announce the launch of our rebrand for The Hive & Co.!

What does this mean for you?

Nothing! You just get to visit, as usual, our newly developed website! We’ve improved the overall flow, clarity, and vision.

How has the brand changed?

We wanted to update our brand to be timeless yet chic and natural (just like Miranda and I are!) but with a hint of badass. I am loving the subtle rose gold and the cleanliness of our new brand board! What do you think?

Brand Board

We we will be slowing releasing other features as the month continues. Soon you’ll be able to learn about all of our services and even see samples of our work! Check back soon and share your thoughts!

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