Last week we attended Milso Project’s MilspoCon2017 (formerly known as Embark). We knew it was going to light a fire under our asses, as most conferences tend to do, but we had no idea how caliente that fire was going to be! And because of that, we knew that we had to share our experiences, thoughts, takeaways and “Wow, that JUST happened!” moments. Here is our collective perspective on MilspoCon2017.



I love conferences and tradeshows! I’m a huge nerd, so the opportunity to learn from successful business owners about different topics sounds like my kinda party. While there are several “Wow, that JUST happened!” moments for me, the most memorable thing that happened during MilspoCon2017 occurred inside the ladies’ potty room (I know, weird, right!).


When the conference started, we got to meet the entire Milspo Project team through an “ice breaker” exercise. Each team member stood up, introduced themselves, and then asked an intimate question of each attendee. The question that resonated the most (and the one that was the hardest to get up out of my chair and admit) was “Do you feel like an imposter in your industry?”


As Shiang-ling can attest, I am irritatingly meticulous. I rewrite, redo, reflect, then do some more research, and rewrite, redo and rewrite again. AND THEN I’m still not happy with what I’ve created. While this isn’t the worst flaw to have, it’s still a flaw. It was in the bathroom that I realized that I hide behind my meticulous tendencies as a way to shield myself from rejection.


“What the hell are you waiting for? Charge for that shit. You ARE the guide and people will pay you to guide them.” Those were some of the words Rachel Luna spoke to me in the bathroom after a 90 second conversation about what my business is struggling with. I can’t repeat the rest of what she said because it’s kind of this misty blur full of expletives and directives!


So, my biggest takeaway from MilspoCon2017 is to realize my value and not let my fear of rejection hold me back from achieving success (AND be ok with having intimate talks in the bathroom with strangers)!



Day One. Ashley Matejka, founder of  Wellevance, had us create a list of intentions, something I honestly struggled with since I am very goal orientated. I had never considered looking at things this way. After writing a few things down that were still too goal orientated, I finally realized what my intentions were. I stood up and volunteered mine with the entire audience as a part of this exercise.


“My intentions for this conference are to revel in the inspiration and amazingness that is the Milspo community. I want to soak it all in and get recharged.”


I meant it. I find so much inspiration and competition within our community. And the competition isn’t that petty shit, it’s the ‘supporting your competitors’ and when they succeed, celebrating their victories.


Lately, I’ve been struggling with growth. In the sense that I wasn’t sure if: 1) I would be able to present myself differently than any other person pitching similar services and 2) I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the next level?!


I have an amazing support system, but I wasn’t sure if I would just be adding stressors to my already-thinned resources; I wasn’t sure that I could handle anything more.


Then, here walks in this 4 foot 11 inch powerhouse, boss babe. She looks up into my eyes and says “What makes you think that getting to that next level will stretch resources? What if it provides you enough to handle it all? Why would it be extra when you already are hustling this business?”


Woah… Rachel Luna and her bad ass self just casually, and I mean we were chilling over some yummy ciders, she just dropped an epiphany bomb on me.


AND JUST LIKE THAT, not even an hour after that moment, I meet Danielle Holmes, owner of The Observers Table Editing. I almost got emotional when we chatted. I mean, I was already hopped-up on two days of mad energy and then, here comes Danielle.


I just wanted to tell you that I started my business because of your ’12 Steps To Starting A Business’ blog series.” she says.


(^^^ That GIF is seriously on point in describing my reaction.)


Well, shit…. Here I am fretting about trying to put out something different, trying to make it to the next level, trying to help others and reach more people, and then Danielle strolls over and confirms that WE’RE ALREADY DOING THAT.


My intentions on day one was to revel and immerse myself into our community. Yet by the end of they day, while that was still very much true, my intentions grew. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got!


What were your experiences, thoughts, takeaways and “Wow, that JUST happened!” moments from MilspoCon2017?

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