Since the beginning, we’ve always known that a part of our purpose would be to give back to our community. Community is extremely important when you are starting a small business, and we have found some AMAZING people in this community that we’ve planted ourselves in.


So, we found the perfect way to give back: The Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable.



How It Got Started

Rebecca Christensen and Siobhan Norris (of UNCW) are our amazing friends, fellow military spouses and huge supporters of The Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable!

The Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable actually got its start with…I’ll say again for those in the back… “COMMUNITY”! 


Miranda and I had talked about hosting a workshop for a while. While networking with other Military Spouse badasses, I mentioned our hope to host one and just like that, our community helped us achieve our dream!


What we hoped for.

We wanted to take two aspects of networking events that we found the most impactful and just mush them together. We have attended our fair share of networking and you almost always have the same thing happen. People show up, find their friends and thats generally the networking that gets done. We wanted to create and event that would “force” people to step out of that comfort. We hoped with that decision we could help people out of their comfort zone and grow their network. We hoped that the speed networking would help each other work on their elevator pitch and get the event started with a buzz. Once the networking “broke the ice” we could regroup and have a q & a section with a panel.


What we got!

Well I mean everything turned out beyond what we expected. Our attendees were AMAZING and just jumped right into the networking! People were engaged in conversation and didn’t want to switch when the time was up! When we finally made it through the speed networking portion we moved onto our panel discussion. Our panel was comprised of all veteran and military spouse owned business owners who shared about their path through their entrepreneurship. Not only did they provide insight but they also shared the struggles that our military entrepreneur community have to deal with.  I even overheard a few of our non military attendees express realization at some of the obstacles that we face. Questions were asked and stories were shared, and overall I think everyone took something home with them from our first event!


Speed Networking



Panel Discussion

Our impressive panel included veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs from the entire north eastern part of North Carolina. Here is a list of each entrepreneur and their business: Darek Huckbody | Battle House, Bill O’brien | Veteran Owned Veteran Grown, Joe Apkarian | PourHouse, Lakesha Cole | She Swank, Elizabeth Boardman | Milspo Project.




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